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We supply, Lexol Leather Conditioner Cleaner and Vinylex Vinyl and Plastic Care Products. This product is well known for its cleaners conditioner and protection products for Leather and Vinyl seats, door panels, jackets, saddles, leather sofas, Hunter Boots etc. Lexol now has a CAR WASH product. We have a wide variety of the product. We are the leading Canadian Distributor for Lexol Products


Shipping charges. Our charges are based on the value of product that you purchase. Up to $25 of product, shipping is $7.00 from $25.01 to $200.00 shipping is $22.00. If you order over $200 of product, shipping is $35.


Lexol Leather Care Kit


8oz kit                                             16.9 oz kit

lexol kit 8oz



Cleaner, Conditioner and 2 Sponges in all in one carton

8 oz $21.95 and 16.9 oz kit $37.95 are available.

Package Size

Lexol Leather Care Pads

Cleans and Conditions in one easy step

20 – 4″ premoistened pads.

Easy application

Non Greasy, non darkening



Lexol pH Leather Cleaner


Lexol CleanerLexol Cleaner

1115- Lexol Leather Cleaner,  16.9 oz Fine Mist Spray $19.95

1119- Lexol Leather Cleaner, Quick Wipes, $14.95

1112- Lexol Leather Cleaner, 1 litre $29.95

1113- Lexol Leather Cleaner, 3 litre $59.95

1108- Lexol Leather Cleaner 8oz $11.95

Container Size


Lexol Leather Conditioner

Lexol ConditionerLexol Conditioner

1019- Lexol Leather Conditioner, Quick Wipes, $14.95

1015- Lexol Leather Conditioner, 16.9 oz Fine Mist Spray $19.95

1013- Lexol Leather Conditioner, 1 litre $29.95

1014- Lexol Leather Conditioner, 3 litre $59.95

1008- Lexol Leather Conditioner, 8oz $11.95

Container Size

Vinylex Protectant – Cleans and conditions Vinyl and Plastic

1215- Vinylex 500ml $19.95

1219- Vinylex 25 count quick wipes $14.95

container size

Applicator Sponge Kit – 2 sponges included

1020- Applicator Sponge Kit $6.95

New – Lexol Total Care Car and Truck Wash . All in one, cleans, waxes, protects 64 oz bottle, use 4 oz to 2 gallons of water


KozaK Drywash Waterless Car Cleaner Kits, a product of Lexol.

1052- KozaK Motorcycle Drywash $15.95

Premium Tire Shine

Treat your tires to Lexol Premium Tire Shine! It adds a wet-looking gloss to tires that last for weeks, not days. The formula has Dual Silicone Action to promote a longer-lasting finish. Dress your tires to impress with Lexol Premium Tire Shine.


1064- Premium Tire Shine 1/2 litre $14.95

Premium Protectant 


1055- Premium Protectant $9.95


We are at, 210 E 4th in Vancouver, call 604 879 6288, we ship out of town as well. Call toll free 1-800-665-5031